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Enterprise Solutions

ERP solutions are beneficial for creating a system that connects varied information-flowing channels to one common platform. The core strength of our company lies in its in-depth domain expertise in enterprise structrual design. We analyze your business requirements meticulously and create or re-engineer best-suited enterprise solutions. We help you with creating personalized on-demand enterprise solutions for a sustainable tomorrow for your business.

We use SAP, Microsoft, Java and Open Source ERP tools for the best-fitting ERP solutions as per your vertical and business needs. Our company believes in helping our enterprise customers shift their legacy application stack to modern technology with fortified functionality to meet their increasing business needs, along with administering them with pointed solutions which speeds up their business functioning while optimizing performance. Helps meet ever-increasing customer expectations Assists with on-time deliveryService sector specific functionalities to boost productivity and efficiencySupports seamless integration with CRMProvides real-time data of critical business operationsBusiness intelligence and advanced reportingReduces total cost of ownershipUnified platform to access all business dataSimplifies invoicing, billing and order process, inventory tracking, supply chain management, warehousing and much more Integration with financial reporting, ledger and accounts receivable.

With fluctuating market dynamics and rapidly changing technologies, introducing products and services to the market faster is key to gaining a competitive edge. To achieve this goal, all processes and operations need to be adaptable, resources optimized and enterprise IT solutions up to date. The Digital Group is an Industry leader in providing scalable Enterprise Solutions. At T/DG, we always endeavor to offer accurate, suitable and cost-effective solutions to enhance enterprise productivity and quality. Our system integrated solutions allow the enterprises to gain performance, flexibility and efficiency by adopting to the constant changes in the market.

Enterprise business challenges you can overcome

Integration of data from different sources and adoption of varied technologies linked to diversified business procedures Integration of different systems performing varied functions Need for constant innovation in enterprise ebusiness models Developing cost-effective and system-integrated software to link different business units Inefficient and fragmented processes